Jessica Sinatra Photography

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When Jess and I met on an OKCupid date years ago, we pretty much knew that we had found life partners in one another, but, it turns out, we also found business partners. Jess has been a photographer her entire life and had made to the leap from a really good hobbyist to professional. After a few years working on and off with one another, we ultimately asked ourselves the obvious question: “Why aren’t we doing this ourselves?” It wasn’t long after that we laid the groundwork for starting Jess Sinatra Photography in January 2019. Having worked for many different studios over the years, we knew what we both liked and disliked from all of them and set out to make a photo/video company that would reflect us as a couple and that would keep us engaged and thrilled to shoot every wedding. The emphasis is on relationships and creating a comfortable atmosphere with our couples. We call and text and often go out to eat with our couples and have even helped pick out dresses! Afterall, the more comfortable somebody is with us, the more natural they will be in front of the lens.

If you are interested in learning more about our wedding services, please follow this link to our wedding website and fill out the form and Jess will be happy to talk to you!

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