The Adventures of Mr Norbert Waggles - Part 3

Norbert and Beatrice Waggles, Son and Mother

Norbert and Beatrice Waggles, Son and Mother

June 18th - Many a pleasant salutation was had when my Mother, Beatrice Waggles, stopped by for a visit. I love my mother very much and to see her again is a luxury that most pups are not afforded. She was definitely older: Her nose pink and a few gray hairs wriggling out of her soft coat, but she definitely smelled as I remember her. My mother inspired me from birth to take up the law as a profession. She herself, was an activist for immunization awareness. Largely retired, she championed that every dog recieve shots on time, but also in the proper doses. The later has yet to come to fruition as dogs in most states are required standardized doses whether you are a little 5-pound fluff ball, or a towering Mastiff. Work that I plan to further within the canine community.

Beatrice and I spoke of our separation and life up North of our stomping grounds in Tennessee. The people, the dogs, the smells . . . She had been living with a family for a long time before being relocated to Boston to live with city people. I have visited the city a few times with my new people, and found it loud, but a generally amiable and hospitable place. The smells! There are so many. Unfortunately, there are not as many squirrels in the city beyond some green zones. Perhaps a common tree squirrel, but we are in search of the Red-bellied, Eastern Gray, and Fox to add to our visual and olfactible experience. She and I definitely did much bonding over our common interest in collecting squirrels and their study. We find it quite humorous that most people believe the squirrel to be a generally harmless and even 'cute' woodland creature. In our eyes, these nut-hoarders are very uncivilized and illogical. Perhaps the equivalent of rat-kind in the human worldview? Not an easy equivocation to make. Nevertheless, Beatrice has found quite a few different examples of the creatures in her life and shared their traits and quirks with me.

By the end of today, my mother will bid her farewells and be off into Boston with her latest people. I will miss her, but she has promised to write and visit again in a few months. Perhaps by that time, I will have found new squirrel life to share.