french bull dog

Mocha the Dog


Hello all!

I just wanted to introduce y'all to Mocha (a.k.a. 'Mo') the Frenchton (half French Bull Dog and half Boston Terrier). While she resides at my parents' house, Mo is a family dog and I make sure to visit her whenever I can (Sorry Mom and Dad, I love you too). 

Mocha was the runt of her litter and it shows. Since puppyhood, she has been very, very, very food centric which made training her easy, because she'll do ANYTHING for a treat with patience. One of the first things we trained her to do as a family was ring a bell so we know when she needs to pee. She waits patiently to be fed and even puts her toys back into a bin. Now adult, she is quite petite, but like her Frenchie lineage, she is all lean muscle and weighs about 15 pounds. When she is let off the leash, Mo is fast and kind of resembles a rabbit the way her hind legs swing from behind her ears to fully extended behind her thin frame.

Personality-wise, Mocha has that playful puppyish demeanor, but I always thought she has the intelligence and mentality of a bigger dog like a boxer. Big dog in a small package! She is far too friendly to make a good guard and very rarely barks. Her only vice is food. She will do anything to get at your lunch and even jump up on the table if you leave a chair out. She also will sit right next to you and drool the entire time you're eating your dinner. Gee wiz! It's not like she doesn't get regular meals!

In summation, Mocha is most likely one of the coolest dogs I know and I will definitely write more about her.