Happy New Year!


Hello Internet,

Let me introduce myself! I am the insufferable Evan T. Perry. What's the 'T' stand for? Not important. What IS important is that this is the first blog post on my new website. I plan to use this blog as a public place to talk about stuff that I think is cool and important and, of course, you are invited to come along for the ride if you like. You won't be sorry!

Anyway, I am a creative guy (as you shall soon discover) and I have taken to the film and video industry as a freelancer in the Boston area. I've done a great many things which I'll be likely to write about on this blog. You know cool stuff. My job is way cooler than your job, but I'm always poor. Comes with the territory! I also write and draw and play hockey and do all sorts of stuff like that and I fully plan to write about all of my endeavors and adventures both personal and professional.

My opinions are varied and my personality a bit volatile. In other words, I'm a nice guy, but will voice my opinion loudly. I always make sure to look at things from every angle before making a decision and love a great debate. That said, I'm usually almost always with certainty in the right all the time. So suck it.

When you read this blog, remember that this site may have my name on it but it is public for a reason and that is to have you see inside my head a little and comment and critique my thoughts. I'm always curious if I'm full of bull or not, so let me know if I am.

So stay tuned! I promise you'll be glad you stayed!

- Evan